Day Hospital Borgo Wührer

Our innovative eye centre offers a wide range of services, mainly focused on private high quality outpatient surgeries.
Choosing day surgery leads clear advantages: it allows to save a lot of resources, concentrating them in space and time.
In this way we can optimise the organizational aspects without passing over the high level of quality and safety on which Borgo Wührer Day Hospital bases its renown and prestige.
Borgo Wührer Day Hospital has firmly chosen the values it daily invests in to achieve its patients’ satisfaction.

Refractive Surgery

imgRefractive eye surgery is a branch of ophthalmology specialized in curing the vision disorders you may have learnt about during eye tests. These disorders can compromise your life, job, sport, hobbies.
Thanks to the new technologies, refractive surgery has exponentially improved in the last years. Nowadays it is possible to curepermanently the problems related to these disorders with excellent results. More than ten years of experience in this field taught me that professionalism and intellectual honesty are essential to achieve the satisfaction of the people that entrust themselves to my treatments. For this reason every single person has to be considered with great care, with the best technologies and without being impulsive.
Having a perfect eyesight does not mean that you have twenty-twenty vision. Vision is much more than that.

Promoting health

imgThat’s the main goal of our eye centre, our mission. Promoting health respecting the privacy and dignity of each patient during the different health services.
Our functional model aims to reflect and guarantee the fulfilment of this philosophy. Borgo Wührer Day Hospital has the latest technologies and equipment as well as a high qualified staff. Our patient is protected and supported by a clear definition of the procedures and by the guarantee of a constant care, thanks to a personal relationship with his surgeon. Everything in an environment characterised by the comfort of ahospitality structureand the quality of the services we provide.

Dott. Paolo Scaroni - Oculista

Dr. Paolo Scaroni
Health Director

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