PRK surgery is performed under local anaesthetic (just a few drops of eye-drop in each eye) and is completely painless during the surgery.
Except for rare cases, the operation is bilateral, i.e. performed on both eyes during the same operation. This allows a reduction of the recovery period and a better visual comfort during the post-operative stage. The first step of the operation consists in the removal of the corneal epithelium with the help of a particular minimally invasive instrument used in microsurgery.
During the second step of the operation an excimer laser corrects the visual disorder, remodelling the curvature of the cornea. It removes a larger quantity of tissue from the central area of the cornea in case of myopia, while in case of hyperopia it removes a larger quantity of tissue from the peripheral area.
To finish, therapeutic and protective contact lenses are applied to help natural corneal epithelium healing.

After the operation the patient may feel a moderate pain that can last 1-2 days. After the third day the contact lenses are removed and the patient undergoes the first eye tests. At this stage eyesight is already pretty good and it allows to go back to your everyday activities, except for some particular ones (sports that involve physical contact, swimming, make up). Complete visual recovery gradually occurs in about one month.

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