Can strabismus surgery endanger eyesight?

Absolutely not. The operation is performed outside the eye and it does not endanger its efficiency.

Will I wear glasses again after the operation?

If corrective measures are necessary before the operation, they will be necessary after the surgery as well. The operation does not condition in any way the dioptre of the vision disorder.

Is the operation performed with the laser?

No, it is a surgical operation performed with the traditional technique.

How long does it take to go back to my everyday activities?

Generally you will need three or four days of rest. However, this period varies a lot from person to person, depending on the seriousness of the operation and on the personal reactivity.

If an angle of strabismus will persist even after the surgery, is it possible to undergo a second operation?

Usually it is necessary to plan several operations to correct the misalignment of the eyes, therefore it is always possible to undergo several surgeries.

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