Is there any other less invasive optionthan the corneal transplantation?

The corneal transplantation is the only option when keratoconus is at the worst stages. At the early stages, or when the visual acuity is not seriously damaged yet, it is possible to proceed with a new laser technique called corneal cross-linking. This treatment consists in the application of a riboflavin solution to the eye which is activated after approximately 30 minutes by illumination, that changes its structure. This change that happens inside the corneal tissue strengthens it, preventing it from further deformations.

Can the corneal cross-linking cure astigmatism caused by keratoconus?

The corneal cross-linking’s first goal is to stop keratoconus progression. However we can observe in many people a decrease and regularisationof the astigmatism.

Will I need glasses again after the treatment?

Generally astigmatism decrease is not adequate to eliminate the use of glasses, anyway it is possible to cure this disorder with corneal lenses. In effect these lenses are better tolerated after corneal cross-linking.

Is corneal cross-linking painful?

In the case of this procedure, using the femtosecond laser, the post-operativephase is completely painless.
In the case of the traditional procedure, where the corneal epithelium is removed before the application of the riboflavin solution, the surgery is painless. In the following 2 or 3 days, your eye may feel a bit uncomfortable and sensitive to the light, because of the healing period of the corneal epithelium.

When will I realise if the treatment has been successful?

The results of the corneal cross-linking treatment are not immediate, but they start to appear 2 or 3 months afterthe operation.

In case of a partial negative result, could my visual acuity get worse?

Absolutely not. Your condition would be unchanged or just slightly improved.

Is it possible to repeat the treatment to refine the results?

Yes, it is. Without any problem.

Does the corneal cross-linking compromise a potential corneal transplantation in case the keratoconus would worsen?

No, there are no side-effects. It is possible to carry out corneal transplantation even if the eye has been previously treated with corneal cross-linking, without any further risk.

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