When can cataract be operated?

When the opacification of the crystalline lens affects the activities of your everyday life, such as reading, driving, painting, watching TV, etc. Doctors and surgeons no longer think that cataract has to be operated when it is “mature”.

Is the operation painful?

Absolutely not. Just a few drops of an anaesthetic eye-drop are enough to face this operation without feeling any pain.

Is the operation performedwith a laser?

Nowadays the operation is performedwith ultrasound waves, even though the femtosecond laser is now starting to be used. However it is just complementary to the ultrasound technology.

Will I need glasses again after the operation?

It depends on the kind of artificial lens that will be implanted. There are monofocal lenses (optimising your sight in the distance), or multifocal lenses (to improve your vision in the distance and near), as well as lenses that correct astigmatism.

Is it necessary to replace the artificial lens with a new one after some years have passed since the operation?

No, once the lens has been implanted, it lasts indefinitely and it is not necessary to replace it.

How long should I wait to have new glasses prescribed, either resting glasses or corrective glasses to see in the distance and near?

You should wait at least one month before you can prescribe new glasses, in order to let your eyes settle after the operation.

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