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Examples of Presbyopia

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Presbyopia is not a vision disorder. Presbyopia is a condition that affects everyone and usually begins at around the age of 45.
The ageing of the crystalline lens causes a loss of elasticity of its structure and prevents it from focusing near objects properly. For this reason people suffering from presbyopia tend to hold objects (books, newspapers, computer monitor) at arm’s length in order to focus properly.

Possible solutions

To date, it is not possible to completely eliminate dependency on reading glasses. Anyway, some laser techniques allow to reduce significantlythe use of glasses. The treatment with excimer laser has to be performed under the femtosecond laser technique, since PRK technique is not suitable for the correction of this disorder. In alternative to the laser surgery, especially in case of patients of advanced age, a solution can be the implant of a multifocal intraocular lens in place of the natural lens.

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