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Myopia is a condition of the eye that affects the capacity to focus: people suffering from this disorder see distant objects out of focus, while see close objects in focus. Generally myopia is due to an excessive elongation of the ocular bulb or to an excessive curvature of the cornea, the transparent front part of the eye.

Possible solutions

It is possible to correct myopia permanently undergoing treatments that use the laser to reshape the curvature of the cornea.
The femtosecond laser treatment (intrastromalkeratomileusis) is not carried out on the surface of the cornea, but in deeper layers after the creation of a flap and can be the solution for myopia of any degree.
The PRK treatment (photorefractive keratectomy) removes part of the surface of the cornea, making it flatter, and it is suitable for low myopia.
To correct high myopia or in case the laser cannot be used, it is possible to implant a phakic lens in addition to the crystalline lens or an artificial crystalline lens in place of the natural one.

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